Fusion > The Ultimate Dog & Pony Show!

Fusion !

Team K9 expanded to create a horse & dog show.   We took events that are common to both horse and dog sports and combined them to create a fun canine/equine partnership

Barrel Racing is a relay event in which horse/dog teams race against the clock for a fastest time.  Horse runs barrels and tags off to dog handler & dog runs tunnels wrapped around the barrels.  Combined time is noted & next team tries to beat that time

Pole Bending vs Weave Poles is another horse/dog team event in which the horse executes the horse size weave poles and then tags off to dog handler, & the dog races the canine weave poles.  Combined time is recorded and the next team tries to beat that time

** FUSION is available to events within same day driving distance, and availability of our equine partners.