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Site Last Updated , July 18/12

Team K9 is a dog sport show that performs at fairs and other events throughout Southern Ontario. The team presents an exciting performance featuring a variety of dog sports and games such as: agility/steeplechase; musical hoops; obedience; canine games; canine musical freestyle; tricks; relay racing; weave pole challenges; frisbee dogs; high jumping; and more.

The show presents dogs of a variety of breeds and all the dogs in the show are owned and trained by the people who participate in the show with them. We aim to provide a family oriented show that appeals to both adults and children alike. All events are performed to music and an emcee keeps the audience riveted to the action.

Team K9 can provide a variety of different show themes:

1) The popular Multi-Sport performance show
2) Disc Dog shows (frisbee)
3) Water Sport shows (canine diving & water games)
4) Freestyle shows (musical freestyle & freestyle disc)
5) Disc Dog Contests
6) Canine Watersport Contests

Or we can customize a show to suit your event.

"You are the perfect low maintenance, high entertainment

value show - a self-contained professional unit."

(Caledonia Fair)

Please contact besslin@sympatico.ca for pricing and details for individual shows/themes